The Perfect Tripod + Video Head + Dolly Review

Manfrotto 701HDV,055XBK Video Kit with 701HDV Professional Video Head, 055XB Tripod

Manfrotto 701HDV 055XV Kit Includes View Aluminum Tripod with 701HDV Head

Three things will stand out when you start using this tripod + video head.

One, the tripod itself is incredibly lightweight. Anyone doing cinematography and photography for some time knows that good lightweight tripods are essential in their photography toolbox. The Manfrotto 701HDV is incredibly light, 3.8 pounds to be exact.

Next, it is noticeably sturdy. The body is made up of thick aluminum and the locks made of plastic. We tested it on two location shoots. First, for an online video shot on a beach. Next, we used it for a corporate video shot in a train station. It held well, way better than the usual tripod we use to have which had to be literally held by at least two people for stability.

Lastly, the tripod head’s panning that it will allow you to do is very fluid. It is, in fact, comparable to other more expensive models of other brands. This has to do with how the internal fluid cartridges were designed. Internally, it has a multiple layer pan-bar rosette and a broader canal that allows a camera that you place on it to be perfectly centered.

Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly

Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly
If you need more versatility in your shots or are about to do live video shoots, the Manfrotto 701HDV will work best with Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly.

It has versatile wheels. That means you can pretty much move in 360 degrees to get the continuous shot you want. This “freedom” is equalized with the 2″ metal bearings wrapped in rubber to make the shots steady.

The Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly is designed to fit any tripod, takes less than five minutes to construct, and supports up to 33 pounds in weight.

There are other tripods and dollies out in the market today and we’re basically spoilt when it come to choices. We think that Manfrotto 701HDV Tripod+Video Head and the Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly makes a good buy as both are portable, versatile, durable and comes with an affordable price tag.