Best Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon D7000

Photography is a great hobby to take up and it becomes even more interesting whenever you’re taking photos and videos underwater. There’s seemingly a whole new world under the ocean just waiting to be explored. Taking photos and videos of it will create some wonderful lifelong memories for you.

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With the following underwater camera housing, you can transform your Nikon D7000 into a great underwater camera. Any underwater photographer would love to own any one of them. The 3 worthy choices are:

1. Sea & Sea MDX-D7000/VF45 Viewfinder

Sea & Sea MDX-D7000 VF45 Viewfinder Package for Nikon D7000 DSLR

The Sea and Sea MDX-D7000 underwater camera housing pushes its compact design to the limits. It is precision machined from a solid aluminum block. With this housing you’ll have strobes that you can manually synchronize with no problem. You’ll also be able to use almost all of the essential functions of your Nikon D7000 camera underwater.

The MDX-D7000 underwater camera housing for your Nikon D7000 has a luxurious, edgy design. This is great considering that it’s also ergonomically designed and durable thanks to the polycarbonate that it’s made out of. With its compact design you’ll be able to easily maneuver your way around underwater.

At the same time you’ll be able to use all of your camera’s controls and functions, including the video mode and live view. These are available to a depth of up to 200 feet.

Underwater you’ll find that this housing offers you great stability. It also allows you to show off all of your camera’s capabilities. Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy the following additional features:

  • A six-pin bulkhead connector that allows you to use the TTL flash
  • Dual fiber optic cable connectors so that you can use your camera’s built-in flash to fire two slave strobes
  • Automatic exposure control thanks to the various strobes that are available and compatible with a variety of strobes that are on the market today
  • An extensive array of ports and lenses are also available on the market to choose from

SEA&SEA MDX-D7000 SLR Housing ScubaLab 60sec Look (Video)

2. Ikelite for Nikon D7000 Underwater Camera Housing

Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon D7000

The Ikelite is a heavy-duty clear polycarbonate case that’s made to fit your Nikon D7000 camera. It’s durable and will never corrode. Plus it will allow you to use all of your camera’s features while underwater, including the live preview feature so that you can still frame your photos prior to taking them.

With this housing your camera will be fully functional up to 200 feet under water. However, the diopter adjustment dial will be kept water tight. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to easily reach the large zoom control knob while your hand is still on the handle.

Some of the other great features of this underwater housing package include:

  • Eye magnification so that you can clearly see the large LCD screen while wearing your dive mask
  • Mounting arms with comfortable rubber grips that you can easily put on or take off
  • Both standard sized and large sized clamp and sleeve sets

Assembly of D7000 Camera In A Ikelite Housing (Video)

3. Aquatica D7000 AD7000 Digital Camera Housing

Aquatica D7000 AD7000 Nikon D7000 Digital Camera Housing with dual Fiber Optics bulkheads

The Aquatica D7000 AD7000 digital camera housing for the Nikon D7000 offers high tech housing for your camera that’s made out of solid aluminum that’s been treated and anodized to meet military specifications. It’s painted with a very resistant powder coating and features double bulkheads that allow the strobes and flashes to be easily connected to it. This combination will help you push the boundaries whenever it comes to underwater photography, especially considering that it will allow you to take photos at up to 300 feet deep.

We all know that the viewing system on the camera is even more important than its overall design though. With the Aquatica D7000 digital camera housing you never have to worry if you’re photos are going to turn out because there is a viewfinder that allows you to take the biggest, brightest photos possible. It will show up in your full frame so that you can clearly see it even with your dive mask on.

Aquatica AD7000 + Nikon D7000 Sample Video

Similarities & Differences

There are definitely some ways in which these camera housing packages are similar. For instance, their compact design is made out of solid aluminum so that it can stand up to water. These packages will also make it so that almost every feature of your camera can now be used underwater.

Of course, there are some differences as well:

  • The Sea and Sea MDX-D7000 has a Flash Mode/Flash Exposure Compensation Button and the Shutter Release Mode Dial Lock Button/Shutter Release Mode Dial are both unavailable and the housing cannot be modified to be equipped with them.
  • The Ikelite contains the following additional features: a lens port with cap; a standard zoom clamp and sleeve set; a large diameter zoom and clamp sleeve set; and spare control tips and pushbutton e-clips.
  • The Aquatica has dual fiber optics bulkheads so that you can easily connect two strobes or flashes, as well as a viewing system that allows for the biggest, brightest image possible.
  • The MDX-D7000 comes with a viewfinder package that you can install.