Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera Kits

nikon d7000 camera kitsThere are basically 3 choices when it comes to buying a new Nikon D7000. You either get (in ascending order of price):

1. A new D7000 with body only

2. A new D7000 with body and lens

3. A D7000 Kit where merchants bundle a new D7000 with other useful accessories such as filters & lens, carrying bags/cases, tripod, memory card, card reader, camera flash, screen protectors, cleaning cloth etc.

We can’t say which is the best as it’s a matter of personal preference and how much you really want to spend. Obviously, the first 2 choices listed above are the ones most commonly seen in the market. In fact, We have a page dedicated just for finding the cheapest nikon d7000 price for both the body only and body+lens models.

On the other hand, d7000 camera kits are usually packaged as a bundle and different merchants will bundle different stuffs/accessories together with the camera. Thus, you will need to do some work on your part to find out and compare which has the most complete set of accessories you need. You can find different D7000 kits for sale at Amazon and we reckon that’s a good starting place to start looking.

The good thing about getting a camera kit is that instead of buying a camera only (with or without lens) is that you get yourself a bunch of other useful accessories all in one go. What this means is usually cheaper price compared to buying all these accessories separately. Not to mention that this also saves you the time and hassle of shopping for different items. Just shop once and get all the d7000 goodies you need.