Nikon D7000 Instructional Video Tutorial DVDs

A reader has written to us and ask if we could recommend any video tutorials that teaches beginners and novices alike how to make good use of their Nikon D7000. We did publish an article about recommended nikon d7000 books but we do understand that some people are more visual-oriented and would like to “learn by watching” instead of “learn by reading” 🙂

We hear you and here’s a Nikon D7000 Instructional Video DVDs that we were able to find on Amazon which had good reviews. There’s 2 DVDs showing you 3 hours+ of video allowing you to get a solid understanding of your cameras features and controls, hands-on, techniques and learn how to create great images. The videos are arranged into chapters so you go at your own pace, go back and review anytime.

Nikon D7000 Instructional DVDs 2 Pack Volumes 1 and 2
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Nikon D7000 Instructional Video DVD Contents

Nikon D7000 Vol 1
Scene Modes, Shutter-Priority Auto, Aperture-Priority Auto/ depth-of-field, Focus options, Focus Mode – AF-Area Mode combinations, Release modes, Image Sizes, Live View shooting, Focus settings for Live View, Video recording basics, ISO, Metering, White balance, Exposure compensation, Composition, Playback and image review, Flash basics, Custom Settings introduction, Picture Controls , …and much more!, Format: NTSC, All Regions, Running Time: 111 minutes

Nikon D7000 Vol 2
Advanced Custom Settings, Nikon Speedlights and flash photography, Color management, Creating your own Picture Controls, Advanced Video recording, User Settings, Your ritual for photography, Format: NTSC All Regions, Running Time: 105 minutes

You can buy this nikon d7000 DVD video tutorial here.