Nikon D7000 LCD Optical Screen Protector

Have you noticed that your Nikon D7000 camera’s LCD screen is getting scratched or growing foggy? Well, there’s a way in which you can keep it protected: Use a peel off, film type protector on it. Today these are available for a wide array of cameras, so regardless of which type you own, you should check this option out.

The GGS II LCD Optical Screen Protector for Nikon D7000 is a completely different type of screen protector than you’re used to. While traditional screen protectors were made from a plastic protective film, this one uses a special process to create a screen protector out of ultrathin optical glass for you. It is very transparent and very durable thanks to its 6 layers of 0.5mm ultrathin glass. This provides 90% transmittance, which is much more than you’ll receive with any other LCD screen protector that’s on the market today.

GGS II LCD Optical Screen Protector for Nikon D7000

While you’re probably already seeing just how great this LCD protector is, there’s other characteristics that you should know about including:

1. It’s really hard, which means that it’s also really hard to rub, scrape or bump it. The 3M double side adhesive tape seals the protector onto your camera quite well without there being any air bubbles and without it sticking to anythign else on your camera. The protector will also keep your screen from being damaged by sweat, fingerprints or acid, thus prolonging the screen’s life.

2. Once you attach it to your camera you’ll find that it’s so clear that you won’t even be able to tell that it’s there. Another nice thing about his is the fact that it’s just as easy to take it off as it is to put it on in the first place. This means that you’ll be able to reuse it if the glutinosity hasn’t been damaged. Overall you’ll find that this works great whenever it comes to reducing glare. So, if you’re tired of accidentally scratching up your camera, this is indeed the solution you’ve been looking for.

You can buy the GGS II LCD Optical Screen Protector for Nikon D7000 here

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