Nikon MB-D11 Multi Power Battery Pack + Grip for Nikon D7000 Review

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The Nikon MB-D11 multi-power pack further expands your shooting time and battery choices while adding a vertical shutter-release and control dials to your camera. Two battery trays are supplied, so you have the option of using either one Nikon EN-EL15 battery or AA batteries.

nikon mb d11 multi power battery pack side

Larger Body + Nice Grip

The Nikon D7000 camera has pro performance capability, but lacks the larger pro body of cameras like the D300s. By attaching the Nikon MD-D11 (which is a combination vertical grip and battery pack), a D7000 will have a larger body and feel more comfortable to handle.
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MB-D11 Battery Grip Video Review

What Other Buyers Have To Say?

The Nikon MB-D11 offers nice balance and added functionality to an already outstanding camera.

The grip gives extra space for your fingers and creates a boundary that gives your hand a limit so it can’t slip off. It makes the camera super easy to pick up and go.

The Nikon MB-D11 grip/pack is a high quality accessory that improves the handling and comfort of the D7000

Where To Buy?
We have consistently find that Amazon offers the cheapest price for the Nikon MB-D11, selling at a price around the $220 price range. We recommend that you buy it from Amazon as they also offer free shipping and gift wrap.

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