Our Favorite Nikon D7000 Camera Bags & Cases

Selecting a camera bag or case for your Nikon D7000 is an easy job. No, seriously. Comparing this to making the decision to buy a Nikon D7000, getting a camera bag or case is like a walk in the park.

When it comes to buying a camera bag or case for your camera, regardless of which brand or model it’s for, there’s only 3 things that you need to look at, namely usability, durability and price. We have shortlisted here a couple of choices which we think matches these criteria.

Camera Case – Nikon CF-DC-3 Semi-soft Case

Nikon CF-DC-3 Semi-soft Case for Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera
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This camera case is really practical and suitable for daily use. It is light, durable and can take subtle impacts without causing any major concerns to the camera. Certainly not a re-enforced armor bag, but good enough for “around the neck” travel and every-day shooting. If you travel with just one lens and want something other than a naked camera to be exposed (particularly going through airport security) but don’t want to carry that extra camera bag, this is a great choice. You can buy it online from Amazon here.

Rokinon Leather-Style Holster SLR Carrying Case

rokinon h400 digital slr holster camera case
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Reasonably priced and not short of practical features and appearance, this holster case is designed to accommodate one digital or film SLR camera with a mid to long-range telephoto zoom lens attached, as well as small accessories such as memory cards or spare batteries. The double-zippered main compartment is well-padded from top to bottom, providing excellent protection from minor impacts and scratches. The leather-style exterior not only offers a handsome appearance, but also repels water to keep your equipment safe from the elements. A zippered mesh pocket inside the lid provides storage for batteries, memory cards, filters and other small items, and an elastic mesh pouch on the front of the case gives you a place to stash your lens cap or other commonly-used accessory. Get it from Amazon here.

Camera Bag – Deluxe DUAL Lens Zoom Holster

Deluxe DUAL Lens Zoom Holster for Nikon D7000
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This camera bag fufills the needs of any photographer who needs a bag that protects the camera, yet has enough pockets to carry any needed accessories. The heart of the holster is a sling system that suspends the camera and lens in the main well while the cover has an egg-crate padding to protect the lcd and controls on the back of the camera. There are 4 pockets on the sides of the case, providing space for any accessory or additional lenses. The base of the holster is hard rubber that allows the case to stand upright and adds to the protection for the camera. The attached strap is sturdy and padded, easing any strain on the photographer’s shoulder. This is an excellent case for a day trip and combines style and utility. Get it from Amazon here.

Case Logic SLR Camera Sling

case logic sling camera bag
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We noticed that some of our readers were looking for a sling camera bag instead of shoulder strapped bags. We listened and present you here with our recommended sling camera bag for nikon d7000. Made by Case logic (who makes good cases and bags for cameras, computers and other electronics), this sling bag is designed to fit SLR camera with standard zoom lens attached or DSLR with grip and comes with side-entry compartment to provides quick access to your camera and accessories while wearing the sling. Its adjustable divider system provides customizable organization for additional lens, flash or other camera accessories. Get it from Amazon here

Kata Torso-Pack

Kata KT PL-LT-317 Pro-Light LighTri-317 Torso-Pack
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First, be warned. This sling camera bag ain’t cheap. But we really love it because it’s light and provide the best carrying, storage and working solutions. The LighTri is uniquely designed to keep your DSLR in quick-draw position at all times, and the top flap features both a right and left “pull to shoot” opening. Carry your gear either on your back or on your torso and simply switch from one position to the other by swinging the bag from back to front to grab your camera for shooting. For a long haul a second balancing strap can be used for comfortable transportation. Get it from Amazon here

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories
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Does it always seem as if you have nowhere to keep your SLR camera and all of its accessories? Or as if it’s always in your way? Then what you need is the Amazon Basics backpack. Once you check it out you’ll see that there’s enough room for your camera and all of its equipment.

The exterior of this bag is black and very durable (a polyester, nylon blend). It measures 11.5 x 7.2 x 15.6 inches. There are two pockets on each side that close with Velcro flaps (great for carrying your keys or MP3 player). On the top there are two big zippered pockets that offer a lot of additional room (great for carrying tour maps). There is also a side strap with a flexible cord whereby you can carry a small tripod.

Inside of this bag there are 9 nicely padded and secure compartments (completely removable and also able to be repositioned if so desired) that have canvas straps that fasten with Velcro. It measures 10 x 5 x 14.75 inches. There is a very sturdy zipper that closes the bag. Inside you’ll find a fabric-lined compartment that offers more than enough room to hold two full-size DSLR cameras and a couple of lenses or a few point and shoot cameras, it’s up to you. The lid also has two separate see-through compartments that zipper shut (great for storing batteries, memory
cards or USB drives).

This bag isn’t all about your equipment though. It’s also about your carrying comfort. The bottom of the backpack is made of mesh so as to keep you cool while carrying it. This is not the only great consideration that they’ve made though. You’ll also enjoy the fact that the wide chest and shoulder straps are both lightly padded and adjustable. Clearly your comfort and convenience are top concerns here. In fact, they’ve even thought of those who don’t like to wear a backpack since they put a handle on top of it that can also be used as an alternative way in which to carry this bag.

Overall you’ll find that this backpack isn’t just convenient to use but it’s also comfortable to carry with you while you’re on the go. Its nylon fabric is easy to clean with a wet cloth. So, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing it for your photography needs. And for a price of around $36, we think that it’s both an economical and smart choice. Get it from Amazon here

Other Camera Bags & Cases Choices

Although we tend to think our choices are the best, we know that what we’ve picked here might not be of your taste or suit your needs. By all means, there are many other choices so feel free to choose what you like here from a list of available camera cases and bags in Amazon.

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